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Hot Air Ballooning 101 – What You Need to Know

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For those who would love to get involved with hot air ballooning, don’t worry because it’s a relatively straightforward experience. However, there are still some things you might need to know about hot air ballooning before you go up in the air. For those who are just starting out, we suggest going on the website to learn what to expect and be more prepared for your first time on a hot air balloon.

How do I get involved with hot air ballooning?

If your idea of involvement just revolves around riding hot air balloons, the best and easiest way would be to pay for a ride. Not all cities have hot air balloon companies, so you might need to go online and do some digging before you can get started on your ballooning adventures. In New Zealand, visit

You should also pay attention to news regarding balloon festivals and go to one. These festivals are very popular places to go to for hot air balloon enthusiasts. Don’t be shy; feel free to ask questions. Most often, the pilots and crews will be happy to answer your questions. Just bear in mind that sometimes, spectators are not allowed to go very near the balloons, so when going to a festival, take note of their rules.

What should I wear during the ride?

We suggest wearing hiking boots or similar footwear, socks, durable but comfortable pants, plus a hat or cap to shield the sun. Depending on the weather, you should also wear a long-sleeved shirt layered with a thick coat or jacket (during winter) or just t-shirts during summer. Some more recommended items are:

  • Camera (A small one. If planning to carry professional equipment, please talk to the crew and pilot about it beforehand.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

What should I expect during a hot air balloon ride?

You will meet up with your pilot and crew first before going to the launch site. It is most important that you arrive on time because the quality of the launch will depend on the wind direction, and those direction change constantly depending on the time of day.

At the launch site, the balloon will be prepared for inflating. Once it is ready, two people will usually be asked to assist. Aside from being helpful, this is also a good photo opportunity for the passengers but always listen to the pilot and crew for any instructions. Once the balloon is inflated, the burner will be lit, and once the balloon is upright, the passengers will be asked to climb aboard the gondola.

You will quickly realize that the middle area nearest to the burner is the hottest, and staying near the edges of the gondola will provide you with a more pleasant, breathtaking experience. The direction of the balloon will greatly depend on which direction the wind is blowing. The pilot can help guide things along by moving the balloon up or down, but he won’t be able to actually steer the balloon.

For more information on hot air ballooning (including booking a ride), visit the top hot air balloon company in New Zealand –

Safety Tips When Horse Riding on Snowy Mountains

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When spending a winter holiday in the snowy mountains, you have little option available when it comes to activities to enjoy. The cold weather might even discourage you to go out – you would rather spend the day in bed with a hot drink in hand. But going on a winter holiday should be the opposite. You need to explore and beat the cold. One of the most exciting activities you can get involved in is to try horse riding snowy mountains resorts have to offer. It is a popular activity for those who like to try something new or thrilling. Check for more details.

If you are new to snowy mountains horse riding activities, you must follow a few safety rules and precautions. Even though horses are highly domesticated animals and they are used being around people, you must be prepared to deal with the horses’ behavior while riding on its back.

Here are some safety tips to live by for a safe horse riding in snowy mountains during your vacation:

• Horses are easily spooked, which is often the cause for many accidents involving horseback riders. It is therefore important to pay attention to the horseback riding crew about what could potentially frighten horses and how you could avoid them. You should avoid loud or screaming noises, sudden movements, presence of other animals like leashed dogs, and camera flashes when around horses.

• Always wear protective gear. Never go on a horse riding snowy mountains adventure without a helmet, knee pads, and proper saddles. In addition, make sure your saddle is properly fitted so you are not easily thrown off your seat with a slight movement or jolt from the horse.

• Horseback riding is not recommended for small children. In fact, you need to check with the horseback riding operator about the minimum height requirement for younger kids before they are allowed to ride a horse.

• Trained horseback riding staff should pay attention to the behavior of the horse prior to the ride. If a horse is acting strangely or throwing a tantrum fit, they should not force you to ride the horse. Instead, they should wait until the horse calms down before you can proceed with the horseback ride.

• If there are several of you riding in a trail, make sure there is adequate space between each horse (at least there should be enough space for one horse to fit in between). This will prevent incidental contact between the two horses that could hurt the rider in the process.

• The staff should orient you on an emergency dismount procedure. Even though you try to prevent agitating the horse, animals are highly unpredictable. It is important to perform the safest strategy when getting off the horse’s back to avoid injury.

• Experts who supervise your horse riding snowy mountains activities should assign you a horse suited for your skill level. In addition, they will also be walking with the horse or riding with you mainly to supervise and ensure your safety. This is a mandatory step for horseback riding staff. You should also take this factor into consideration when you want to find best horse riding in snowy mountains. The staff with proper training knows what to do when it comes to ensuring the safety of all passengers.

With these tips, you can ride with confidence knowing that you will have an unforgettable experience and that you (and the horse) are safe.

Reef Fishing Charters in Sydney – Nothing More Exciting

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The Sydney harbor not only boasts of the Opera House and the annual fireworks extravaganza while ushering in the New Year, but one can relax and enjoy some fishing activity down at the Reef. If you are in for some fun, just book yourself in one of the Reef Fishing Charters Sydneyprofessionals offer and go fishing. If you are already familiar with fishing, your enjoyment could be quite undiluted since you could try your hand at angling for some big catch. And these Sydney fishing trips have been known to come up with some really big catch.

Options to Choose from

While looking at the different rides of reef fishing charters in Sydney, you will find that you could even go fishing a little deeper into the sea besides the Reef fishing. The charter operators have enormous experience in running their boats, and even if you are completely new to fishing, the crew on board will help with the activities. And the beauty of this arrangement is that you can get to keep the catch on your journey. What’s more, they will do the fish on the boat itself and hand over to you when you finally de-board.

In terms of the timings also the Sydney reef fishing charters are quite flexible. Since you would be chartering a boat, you should be able to enjoy it for the whole day with your family or friends or business associates. You can carry your drinks and some snacks and the charter operators usually are game, literally for everything else.

You may find reef fishing charters Sydney wide for half day trips also. So depending on how much time you have at your disposal, you could choose the trip, and you could be on your way to some pleasurable moments. The boats you get to do the reef fishing trips are fully equipped with the tools, the baits and also an experienced team of people manning the boats to be with you throughout the trip. If you land a heavy catch, there is an arrangement to lift it through the rail mounted winches.

Special Fishing Trips in winters

The reef fishing charters Sydney operators conduct can be hired during winters also since certain species of fish frequent the deeper part of the reef and offer more excitement to the anglers. Blue Eye Cod, Bass Grouper and Gem fish are some of the varieties that are seen in these parts only during winter. There are some conditions the operators of reef fishing charters Sydney based stipulate for these winter fishing outings on their boats. They take only group bookings and not individuals and the journey into the deep Reefs start as early as 4am. If you are an avid angler and are able to gather a group of 14-15 of your friends, you should really enjoy this trip. The reason this winter fishing expedition becomes more interesting is that the fish you find here are of big size and there is nothing more exciting for a fishing enthusiast than to boast of the size of the catch he found in the waters. So, there is everything to gain here.