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What Are The Advantages of Renting A Bike?

Sports & Recreation

Are you planning to rent a bike but there is something that is stopping you? If so, then this is for you.

There are actually lots of reasons why renting a bike is a good idea. To give you an idea, here are some of the common benefits that you may reap when you rent a bike.

1.   Affordable

Renting a bike is a very cost-effective means of transportation. You don’t have to worry about the price of gas and transportation tickets. Once you have paid the rent, there will be no hidden charges and fees.

2.   Discover a lot of hidden places

There are tons of beautiful places, remote villages, beaches, dense forests, breathtaking vistas, and other hidden places out there that you will not be able to see when you’re riding on public transportation. But if you have your own a bike you are free to explore such places. Aside from renting, you can also reap this benefit when you buy bikes from Trek.

3.   Meet new people

Cycling is a social and fun sport most especially if you do it as a group. You can rent a bicycle and participate in a cycling tour wherein you will meet a lot of people. And in fact, you can even make new friends.

Not only that, you get to bond your previous experiences in cycling, favorite bicycle gears, and more importantly, whet you like the most about cycling.

4.   Convenient

Renting a bike can bring convenience and ease in roaming and travel around the city. In those days of heavy traffic as well as passed on public transportation regions you can commute on your own bike since bikes are lightweight and easy to travel.

Not only that, bicycles only need a little space on roads in comparison to buses, trains, and cars. Bikes, on the other hand, will totally eliminate traffic problems. You can hop on a bicycle within the city freely.

Nevertheless, if you want to use it on a regular basis after you have found out how convenient it is we recommend that you buy instead of renting. So, if you’re considering our suggestion, visit Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. Go to this site for a wide variety of options.

5.   Environment-Friendly

Bike rentals are good for the environment. We all know that bicycles do not give off any emissions. People visiting a new city or place will not be contributing to pollution that is usually brought with their vehicles.

If they have their vehicles, they will drive around for their whole trip causing extra pollution and of course traffic. So if you are a tourist and want to explore the city, consider renting a bike.

Final Say

From the benefits we mentioned above, it is evident that renting a bike is one great way to have fun and enjoy your trip. You will also navigate through the city without any problem. However, other than being a convenient, social, and fun activity, biking is also good for health.

Nevertheless, whether you want to rent a bike or buy a new one, you will be able to reap all the benefits above.

By the way, if you know someone who is hesitant to rent or buy a bike, advice this person to read this post.

A Guide to What Should Go in Your Cycling Kit

A Guide to What Should Go in Your Cycling Kit

Sports & Recreation

When you cycle for sports, you’re not just going on an ordinary bike ride around the neighbourhood. This is why appropriate cycling kits are needed. In order to make the experience comfortable while taking in all the energy when cycling, one needs the perfect cycling kit. You can find your top cycling clothing at Impsport that provides items made of high-quality material and fit for their customers.

When deciding on what to buy for your cycling attire, here is a guide on choosing the right kind of clothing for your upcoming cycling sessions.

1. Cycling Skinsuits
Wearing cycling skinsuits adds comfort and freedom of movement when cycling. The skinsuit is not loose and it wraps around a cycler’s body, helping lower the amount of wind resistance and makes it easier for cyclists to ride faster. It is made of breathable fabrics that make it easier for cyclists to move around more. During cold weather, a cycling skinsuit can trap in the body heat for a comfortable. Cycling kits should never be without a skinsuit.

2. Cycling Jerseys and Shorts
Another alternative for a comfortable cycling attire is a simple set of cycling jerseys and shorts. The cycling jersey has a high neck that helps protect your neck area from the sun. It usually comes in long sleeves or short sleeves and comes with pockets for you to place a few items. Wearing a short sleeve jersey is advisable for long bike rides.

Cycling shorts are made with stretchy nylon that comes with a pad inside the rear area. You can choose from waist shorts that have a waistband to hold it up. Bib shorts are made from Lycra and come with braces and straps that prevent the waistband from digging into your stomach. Bib shorts are more recommended for women to wear.

3. Cycling Jackets
Jackets help keep you protected from bizarre weather conditions. There are different kinds of jackets to choose from. The thermal jackets that help provide insulation and intended for the cold and dry weather. The hardshell waterproof jacket that is usually made with breathable fabric. Softshells that help protect you from the rain and keep you warm.

4. Cycling Gilets
Also known as a sleeveless jacket or vest, gilets are made comfortable for all-day riding. This piece of clothing helps protect your torso area from the cold wind, adding more comfort during your bike rides. It is usually made of moisture-wicking fabric or lighter fabrics that are easier to put inside your bags or pockets. Gilets also come with pockets where you can easily place items inside. A gilet is perfect to wear with a jacket or jersey during the cold weather.

Now that you know what the best cycling kits must have, time to go shopping. Impsport carries a wide range of clothing for cycling designed for high quality and to satisfy the needs of every cyclist, professional or otherwise. They also carry athletic products and triathlon products that are made with the highest of standards. Visit