Notable Car Technologies that Augment Safety Systems for Riders

Autonomous cars or what many would probably call “driverless” are currently being pursued by car companies today. If you’re in Australia, any manufacturer-authorised Mitsubishi dealer would confirm, since Mitsubishi, together with Nissan and Renault, are pushing driverless automobiles and electric vehicles (EVs). Could this mean that other companies or dealers such as a Mitsubishi dealer will also follow suit by innovating technologies such as safety systems?

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Here are some examples of vehicle safety technologies that a Mitsubishi car dealer might introduce you in the near future:

Theft-proof, Weather-proof Cameras to Fill the Gaps  

Who says cameras are only for the vain? CCTVs have been around for quite some time and utilised to secure an establishment, so why not apply it to vehicles, too? In the following decade, digital cameras will probably succeed the side mirrors. Some engineers and car manufacturers have already begun in applying this to vehicles. To do away with the person readjusting the mirrors for the proper angle, a camera may provide a complete vision of the environment. The images are put together in a single screen to provide a whole picture.

A quick example is the Kia pursuing mirrorless vehicles. In showcasing their conceptualised prototypes, they shared that these mirrorless models will improve aerodynamics, flexibility. It will also enable the driver to finally see blind spots, which is helpful in preventing minor accidents during parking.

Autonomous Cars that Won’t Leave Anyone Sceptical  

Autonomous cars are often met with doubtful comments—can they manage on their own? Of course, just because it’s driverless, doesn’t mean it could be entirely unmanned. With the Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication System, this is indeed possible. Visit their webpage at Brisbane City Mitsubishi

To give you an idea how V2V helps, it begins when drivers set up destination of the car. A car or a truck will then assess certain paths to be guided by best and enables the passengers to decide on within these choices.

All driverless cars should include an override function to let manual steering of drivers. Alongside the vehicles’ communication systems, they would communicate other automobiles and recognize mediations including traffic lights.

Best-Ever Ridesharing Systems

Companies like Mitsubishi can only elevate riding experience if cars like Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Mitsubishi Triton are further modified for ridesharing systems. Meanwhile, as for the ridesharing system providers and developers, they could also work on stable features like social media accessibility and real-time parking data, which are invaluable for managing traffic in parking areas. In addition, a safety protocol can possibly also be determined to safeguard passengers.

No More Parking Lot Nightmares

In relation to the previously mentioned, parking sensor devices in automobiles are now existing. In future, shops will as well place parking digital systems to implement more hassle-free parking like computer algorithms and robotic assistants.

Car parking related apps update motorists on their vehicle parking activities like vacancy of parking spaces, duration of parking and payments. Perhaps even power consumption can possibly be placed, where sustainable power generators will be deployed on the parking spheres and autos can be crafted along with them. Parking lots and autos might be designed to make the most of the space rather than wasting it.

If you’re looking into buying the latest Mitsubishi model, make sure you’re contacting a manufacturer-authorised Mitsubishi dealer. An authorised Mitsubishi car dealer is more in tune and updated on the original manufacturers’ latest safety upgrades and service technologies that you might want to add to your vehicle in the future.

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